Thursday, May 30, 2013

Has the Transfer Season been affected by Global Warming?

The Global Warming’s affects seem to be far reaching- it has affected the climate and the flora and fauna, and the rate at which we are altering the natural environment for the worse is quite alarming. As if affecting the sea level or the timing and duration of the seasons was not enough, the Global Warming phenomenon seems to have preponed the transfer season after previously being blamed for Fernando Torres’ goal drought at Chelsea.

Generally, we, the helpless football fanatics, have to contend with the boredom that is the end of the regular footballing season, with only two things to look forward to- an upcoming international tournament, or the much more intense and entertaining transfer window. I would lean towards the latter in terms of the excitement it offers us- not the 90 more minutes of what we have witnessed over the course the season lacking the quality we have become accustomed to, but the never ending speculation about the players we want to join our team or the fear of losing a key player.

The summer window officially opens on 1st July every year, but for most clubs the recruitment season starts as soon as the season ends. We have grown used to this happening, and almost look forward to the month of June to add spice to the curry pot of the transfer window. This year, however, Mother Nature seems to have affected our beloved football clubs as well. The season has not yet officially ended and yet we already have several big transfers that have been completed.

In the past, players would at least wait for their season to end to announce their departure from the club; now the earlier the better it seems. The heat and the rising water levels seem to have made the wait very difficult. It also probably has to do with the opportunity to say the last goodbyes to the fans who did not want them to leave in the first place.

So, when all is said and done, the big boys who have already secured their moves- the Neymars, the Gotzes and the Falcaos- do need time to adjust to their new and cooler surroundings, locate and buy their new homes and ensure that they pack enough sunscreen for their training sessions, just in case there is an ozone hole lurking.